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Could The... Questons and Answers

Could The...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

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Could the irish miracle be repeated in hungary
Could the mh370 have landed somewhere
Could the power grid go down
Could the articles of confederation coin money
Could the purge actually happen
Could the us win a war with china
Could the universe have created itself
Could the events in gravity really happen
Could the missing plane have landed
Could the holocaust happen again in america
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Could the bride of christ be a real woman December 18th 2016 05:37
The Bride is 1 Woman Only
The Bride is one woman only. Just as Eve was a woman taken out of 1 part of Adam's body, so the Bride of Christ will be 1 member of the Body of Christ. The virgins without number in Song of Solomon 6:8 represent the trillions of members that make up the Body of Christ and the dove who is but one, is the one woman Bride of Christ. The saints in Revelation 19:7-9 are members of the Body of Christ and the wife is one woman. It does not say 'wives' it says 1 wife only. The daughter of the King that will be brought unto King Yeshua HaMashiach is one woman and the virgins her companions are members of the Body of Christ - the same virgins of Matthew 25:1-13.
Could the black death have been avoided May 2nd 2016 20:11
the kkk took my baby
Could the entertainment industry outsource operations November 8th 2015 23:27
Yes, could
Could the truman show be real October 16th 2015 00:39
Billy booiiiiii
Could the roman empire have been saved October 4th 2015 00:22
It would have taken a miracle
Let's be honest. The concern about Rome's fall is largely because of concerns about the USA. Alternative history sci-fi is filled with men who are thrown back in time and use their knowledge to change history. (ie:a miracle) The best of these Lest Darkness Fall by L Sprange De Camp involves an archeogolist Martin Padway who saves civilization with what he knows. However De Camp cleverly places Padway in Rome AFTER its fall to the Goths. Therefore he avoids getting killed or imprisoned immediately for his obviously foreign ways by the reactionary and religiously fanatical Romans. Also De Camp avoids any talk of the hyperinflation of the late Roman period that would have made Padway's attempt to make a profit with new ideas and products financially suicidal. Without a man from the future the chances are pretty slim. Like us they had lots of ideas why things were getting worse but no consensus on what needed to be done or the political will to fix them.
Could the stand really happen June 20th 2015 01:33
the stand
I don't know but I've been paranoid of every single sneeze I've heard since I started reading it
Could the governor still be alive June 18th 2015 10:51
No he's dead as Lee. He was shot at point blank range through the skull by Lily.
Could the stargate be real June 18th 2015 04:01
I think maybe
Could the t rex have had feathers June 12th 2015 10:40
Could the earth explode April 21st 2015 00:20
will earth die .....?
Could the purge become real April 13th 2015 16:25
I will purge and I know the purge will happen. every where on the internet is saying it is going to happen this Friday.
Could the disciples forgive sins March 17th 2015 14:23
no, only God can forgive sin . WHat could wASH AWAY MY SINS? nOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS! Our faith in Jesus Christ when we accept him sets us free from the bondage of sin. The disciples had power through the Holy Spirit . However, they did not have the authority to decide to forgive or not to forgive someone of their sins. When a person accepts Christ then we AS DICIPLES can declare to that person that their sins have been forgiven . When a person rejects Christ we can say to tHAT PERSON that your sins are not forgiven. bUT OF COURSE, WE MUST FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER WHEN WE OFFEND ONE ANOTHER. WE MUST HAVE A FORGIVING SPIRIT. If WE DON'T FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER, God will not forgive us.
Could the apostle peter read and write March 15th 2015 21:00
Could the apostle peter read and write?
Yes! Apostle Peter could read. He was a Jew. All young Jewish boys were required to learn to read and write the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) at the Temple or Synagogue. The young girls had to learn Homemaking. The girls had to read also, but not to the extent of the boys who were to become leaders in the community.
Could the hunger games happen March 15th 2015 00:29
Could the Hunger Games happen? answer.
Yes, it is possible. It would be simple as to stick twenty four teens into an area to fight, people could do just that. However, this is reality. Likely, no one would want this. Therefore, barely anyone would agree to such an event. But it is NOT impossible.
Could the greek gods be real January 28th 2015 19:45
we don't know they could of been you never know but me myself believe there real.
Could the vietnam war been avoided January 16th 2015 18:14
How to Twerk
Get on the wall and move like a worm #NoRegrets
Could the death note be real January 15th 2015 02:46
I wish it was, but nothing has happened yet...
If it was real, all the criminals would be dead and the government would be after whoever is doing it. That would be so damn cool though!
Could the rapture happen today December 26th 2014 20:27
The rapture could happen anytime
Could the purge ever happen October 2nd 2014 22:33
will it ever happend
Could the fountain of youth exist September 4th 2014 00:42
Wow. Wierd program.
Could the bible be made up June 13th 2014 22:01
We have had 2000 years to rewrite the bible. It has possibly nothing to do with what supposedly happened 2000 years ago.
Could the matrix exist June 13th 2014 21:58
The matrix could exist, but we'd never find out
Yes, the matrix could exist, because there is no way of detecting it. We cannot prove that it does or does not exist, before someone shows us it from the outside, and wake up from the dream.